About the author

I am a writer and researcher focusing on civil conflict, peace-building and war-legacy issues in Southeast Asia. I have covered these issues, and Southeast Asian politics more broadly, for publications including The Diplomat, World Politics Review, Southeast Asia Globe, Asia Sentinel, Geopolitical Monitor, Eurasia Review and the Japan Times.

I have researched conflict in Myanmar and the Philippines, and terrorism in Indonesia, for the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), having previously researched for Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) and studied an M.A. in International Relations at the University of Westminster. I am currently editorial assistant for The Pacific Review.

About Asia Conflict Watch

Asia Conflict Watch is a blog providing news and analysis of conflict, terrorism, peace-building and post-war issues in the Asia-Pacific. I publish one in-depth feature focusing on a specific country each month (these days, the frequency is sometimes less), with the aim of providing greater context to some of Asia’s more obscure conflicts and disputes.

In a saturated media environment, in which conflict narratives are often simplified for a Western audience or subsumed within the bigger picture of geopolitical rivalry, this blog strives to provide more extensive analysis by paying attention to local and national-level dynamics, extending the parameters of debate and encouraging new modes of thinking.

Note: I established this blog in 2015 while studying for my M.A. The blog initially served as a summary of under-reported conflicts in Asia, Africa and elsewhere under the name Geopolitical Conflict. These articles are still available in the archives. Since 2017 the blog has focused solely on the Asia-Pacific (mostly Southeast Asia, given my regional focus).


The articles on Asia Conflict Watch are based on the author’s primary research, as well as open-source material from NGOs, governments and the media. While the content here is fact-based and balanced, it will also obviously contain elements of my own opinion. This does not represent or seek to reflect the view or position of any third-party organization. All images are used either with direct permission, or under a creative commons license.



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