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29 June 2020, Geopolitical Monitor


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8 June 2020, World Politics Review


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28 May 2020, Southeast Asia Globe


Armed Conflict Survey 2020 Chapter 2: Asia-Pacific (Philippines)

27 May 2020, International Institute for Strategic Studies


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4 May 2020, Asia Sentinel


Philippines’ Abu Sayyaf Terrorists Turn to Suicide Bombing

24 April 2020, Asia Sentinel


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15 April 2020, Geopolitical Monitor


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7 April 2020, World Politics Review


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5 March 2020, Geopolitical Monitor


Fractious Party Politics Threatens to Upend a Succession Plan in Malaysia

7 February 2020, World Politics Review


Duterte’s Peace Overture to the NPA: Another False Dawn?

27 January 2020, Geopolitical Monitor


Lasting Peace in Indonesia’s Aceh Province Depends on Truth and Reconciliation

6 January 2020, World Politics Review


The Evolving Threat of ISIS in the Philippines

2 December 2019, Geopolitical Monitor


Myanmar’s Divided Peace Process: Hope amid Escalating Violence?

1 October 2019, Geopolitical Monitor


Will an End to Military Rule Revive Peace Talks in Southern Thailand?

23 August 2019, World Politics Review


Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Landmines and Instability in Myanmar

12 August 2019, Geopolitical Monitor


Abu Sayyaf Is Bringing More of ISIS’ Brutal Tactics to the Philippines

22 July 2019, World Politics Review


Is India’s Nagaland Peace Process Nearing a Breakthrough?

8 July 2019, Geopolitical Monitor


Deciphering the Jihadist Threat to Mindanao’s Moro Peace Process

20 May 2019, International Institute for Strategic Studies


Armed Conflict Survey 2019 Chapter 2: Asia-Pacific (Philippines)

15 May 2019, International Institute for Strategic Studies


Is Malaysia ISIS’ Next Southeast Asian Hub?

6 May 2019, Asia Sentinel


Violence Flares Amid Myanmar’s Faltering Peace Dialogue

22 April 2019, Asia Sentinel


Tensions Flare Over Malaysia’s Disputed Sea Border with Singapore

17 April 2019, Geopolitical Monitor


Collapsed Talks Lead Philippines to Seek New Approach with NPA

10 April 2019, Asia Sentinel


Vietnam’s Struggle to Overcome the Legacy of US Bombs

25 March 2019, Geopolitical Monitor


Southern Thailand’s Fractured Peace Process at a Crossroads

15 February 2019, Geopolitical Monitor


With Autonomy in the Southern Philippines, Muslim Rebels Must Learn How to Govern

12 February 2019, World Politics Review


Myanmar’s Peace Process on Life Support

27 December 2018, Geopolitical Monitor


Mahathir Positions Malaysia as a Check on China’s Ambitions in Southeast Asia

8 November 2018, World Politics Review


What Underlies the Long-Running Dispute in the South China Sea?

3 November 2018, Eurasia Review


A Year After Marawi, What’s Left of ISIS in the Philippines?

25 October 2018, The Diplomat


Thailand’s Balancing Act Between the US and China in the Age of Trump

10 October 2018, Geopolitical Monitor


Is Abu Sayyaf Making a Comeback in the Philippines?

6 September 2018, Geopolitical Monitor


Is Duterte’s Green Light for Autonomy in the Southern Philippines a Path to Peace?

20 August 2018, World Politics Review


Has the Islamic State Threat Bypassed India?

3 August 2018, Geopolitical Monitor


Armed Conflict Survey 2018 Chapter 6: Asia-Pacific (Philippines)

3 July 2018, International Institute for Strategic Studies


The Post-Marawi Decline of Abu Sayyaf

29 June 2018, Asia Sentinel


Mindanao’s Insurgencies Take an Explosive Turn

1 June 2018, The Diplomat


Myanmar’s Ethnic Conflicts Have Multiple Fronts, and High Barriers to Peace

24 May 2018, World Politics Review


Cambodia-Laos Border Dispute: Geopolitical Flashpoint or Playing Politics?

14 May 2018, Geopolitical Monitor


Winners and Losers in the Maritime Border Deal between Australia and Timor-Leste

30 April 2018, Geopolitical Monitor


Indonesia’s Homegrown Militants Re-emerge

24 April 2018, Asia Sentinel


Brunei Abandons South China Sea Claim for Chinese Finance

3 April 2018, Geopolitical Monitor


Marawi’s Embattled Former Residents Face a Tortuous Path Home

11 March 2018, Eurasia Review


Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters Assume ISIS’ Mantle in the Philippines’ Troubled South

12 February 2018, Geopolitical Monitor


How Marawi Pushed ASEAN Nations to Join Forces Against Terrorism

12 February 2018, Asian Correspondent


Eastern Sabah: Malaysia’s Frontline Against Militancy

31 January 2018, The Diplomat


Laos Pushes Ahead with Mekong Dams Despite Environmental Risks

24 January 2018, Asian Correspondent


How Prepared is Singapore Amid Southeast Asia’s Raised Terror Threat?

3 January 2018, Asian Correspondent


Malaysia’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy: Keeping ISIS in Check

2 January 2018, Geopolitical Monitor


China’s Influence Steadily Grows in Laos, Weathering Political Change

20 December 2017, World Politics Review


The Long Road to Justice for Sri Lanka’s Civil War Victims

4 December 2017, Geopolitical Monitor


Can Cambodia Meet Its Target to Remove Landmines by 2025?

4 December 2017, Asian Correspondent


Vietnam’s Bomb Clearance Efforts Take a Hit Under President Trump

30 November 2017, Asian Correspondent


Maute Jihadis Vanquished, Duterte Takes On Mindanao’s Other Militants

29 November 2017, Asia Sentinel


Is Abu Sayyaf Really Defeated?

23 November 2017, The Diplomat


Gauging the Success of Bangladesh’s Anti-Terror Crackdown

17 November 2017, Geopolitical Monitor


What Has Derailed Peace Talks with the Philippines’ Communist Rebels?

13 October 2017, Asian Correspondent 


Indonesia Faced with a Resurgence of Islamist Terrorism

27 September 2017, Geopolitical Monitor


Will the Siege of Marawi Be Repeated in the Philippines?

22 September 2017, Geopolitical Monitor


Indonesia Needs to be Vigilant to Avoid Becoming a Home for Terrorists Again

18 September 2017, Asian Correspondent 


Balochistan: Seven Decades of Insurgency in Pakistan’s Restive South

4 September 2017, Eurasia Review


Japan’s Maritime Diplomacy Mission in Southeast Asia

28 August 2017, The Diplomat


As Khmer Rouge Trials Near End, Is Cambodia Ready to Move On from its Dark Past?

23 August 2017, Asian Correspondent 


Rising Violence in Thailand’s ‘Deep South’ Exposes Cracks in the Junta’s Strategy

1 August 2017, World Politics Review


Mindanao Conflict Risks Spike in Southeast Asia Piracy

27 July 2017, Geopolitical Monitor


Dokdo-Takeshima Islands: South Korea and Japan’s Intractable Maritime Dispute

21 July 2017, Eurasia Review


Laos: Decades After America’s ‘Secret War’, Unexploded Bombs Still Hinder Development 

18 July 2017, Asian Correspondent


Japan’s Nuclear Dilemma: The Search for Energy Security Post-Fukushima 

11 April 2017, Asian Correspondent 


Despite His Tough Talk, the Philippines’ Duterte Faces Long Odds Against Abu Sayyaf 

2 February 2017, World Politics Review


An Economic Success Story: How Vietnam Became Southeast Asia’s Top Performer 

31 January 2017, Asian Correspondent


Is Myanmar on the Path to Genocide? 

18 January 2017, The Diplomat


Myanmar: Ground Zero for China-India Energy Competiton 

31 October 2016, Geopolitical Monitor


Is Climate Change Driving Conflict in the Middle East? 

29 October 2016, International Policy Digest


Japan Stands Firm on Senkaku Islands in East China Sea 

16 September 2016, Geopolitical Monitor


Central Asia’s Oil and Gas Now Flows to the East 

18 August 2016, The Diplomat


East Asia’s State-led Search for Energy Security

23 July 2016, The Diplomat


China’s Maritime Diplomacy Leaves ASEAN Divided on the South China Sea 

18 July 2016, International Policy Digest


The Troubled History of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula 

31 May 2016, International Policy Digest


The Shifting Drivers of Turkey’s Foreign Policy: Secularism, Islamism, Nationalism 

23 May 2016, Eurasia Review


US-Vietnam Rapprochement Fast-Tracked Amid South China Sea Dispute 

18 May 2016, Geopolitical Monitor


Niger Delta: A Region Cursed by Oil Politics 

9 May 2016, Geopolitical Monitor


Colombia on the Verge of Historic FARC Peace Deal 

20 March 2016, Geopolitical Monitor


Myanmar: Challenges Ahead as New Parliament Begins Work 

3 March 2016, Geopolitical Monitor


Backgrounder: Boko Haram 

24 January 2016, Geopolitical Monitor